Friday, August 19, 2011

Tips for better WUDUQ !

Salam for reader!

Wuduq, or ablution is an act of washing parts of our body. Being a righteous Muslim, wuduq is done on daily basis (before praying, sleeping, etc). So being said that, wuduq should be taken seriously and we must always do our best to make our wuduq better :) So here are some simple ways to make our wuduq better, insyallah.

1. What’s better than having a complete, nice, wuduq before meeting Allah (prayers)? Awesome, fresh teeth and mouth of course!  Although brushing teeth is not a compulsory part of wuduq, it is still highly recommended!

2. Wuduq plays an important role in a Muslim’s life, for wuduq does not only clean parts of our body, but did you know that whoever takes wuduq, your sins will be washed out? Masyallah! How simple is that? So take wuduq regularly and be fresh 24/7!

3. The next time you’re taking wuduq, pay attention to washing your hands and feet! Make sure that water goes in between your fingers and toes! Also, make sure that water reaches your heels, because a wuduq is invalid if water does not reach your heels (and other compulsory parts).

4. The correct way of taking wuduq for the head part is to wipe the WHOLE head, and not solely on the front bit. To do so, wet your hands and start wiping at the front and then make way to the back of the head, then back to where you started.

5. Saving the environment (in this case, water) is a job for every Muslim! When taking wuduq, minimize the usage of water by not allowing water gushing out from the tap too much! Turn the tap just nicely to ensure parts of your body are covered with water. Remember; you’re trying to get rewards from taking wuduq, not sins!

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