Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Table manners in Islam

Assalamualaikum for who are reading!
Hehe,today is my birthday.Ohh,14 years old already!
May God bless us ! umur semakin meningkat,ajal semakin dekat.
semakin dewasa dan akan melalui cabaran dan rintangan dalam hidup.

Fuhh,ramai dah yang wish befday aku kat facebook.
Thank you very much for all who wishes for me..more love for you all..
Alhamdulillah sempat jadi BEFDAY GIRL lagi tahun nihh..
A big big big big and lot lot lot of thank you for my mommy for giving birth me..

Thank you for all ! family,friends,enemy! hahaha..enemy ? no just kidding :)
thank you for your presents..
Okeh,memandangkan hari nih beli banyak makanan kat baazaar tadi,aku nk share cara makan dalam islam..
tahun nih first time azra pegi baazaar..tahun nih laa..klau pegi pon x tahu nk beli apa..
klau pergi membazir je banyak..bukan nk makan sangat cuma terliur jehh..
makan satu habis buang!!

okey,dah x nk membebel banyak lagi..

1. Most Muslims are unaware of this issue, but as Muslims, we must always be cautious when it comes to the food that consume ourselves and the food that we serve to others. Make a point to check the Halal sign or ingredients on food packaging before purchasing it, and to ensure we are served with halal food at restaurants or cafes.

2. Saying “Bismillah” (in the name of Allah) before eating or drinking is noble and loved by Allah. In this manner, it is important because according to the Prophet (pbuh), the shaitaan shares food and drink with those people who DO NOT mention the name of Allah (swt).

3. If we are blessed with two hands; use them wisely! Use your right hand to eat and drink, because it is a sunnah act from the Prophet

4. The Prophet intensely dislikes his ummah (us!) to eat or drink while standing! So whenever you reward yourself with an ice cream or some milkshake; grab a chair and enjoy your share!

5. A human’s body is like a container; it can only fit in certain things and it’s limited! So fill your stomach with correct portions as taught by the Prophet (pbuh) so we can be healthy: 1/3 food, 1/3 water and 1/3 air for breathing. Moderation is the word!

 6. Wastage of food and drinks is not only the act of the shaitaan, but it makes us ungrateful, so let’s try our best to avoid that! So the next time when you consume your food, be sure to have an empty plate or mug after eating!

Okey, semoga kita dapat mengambil iktibar dan ubah apa yang patut..hehe...saya pon same bnyak jugak lupa,lalai...perkara yg biasa buat,makan minum sambil berdiri..membazir..


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